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My First Post

....My first post...Bit shaky but super excited!

Well you all read things about Mary in my bio! My first post is about a part of me that I haven't analysed much. Being a winter

swimmer, I started collecting beach stones with my son on our family's weekend little get-aways. Till one day it hit me!

How could I reuse my old nail polishing colors? There you go! I started painting on stones from my favorite Greek beach in Corfu and the result was amazing. Since then I have created little articrafts as friend's gifts,even exhibited some of them in different bazaars!!!

I get inspiration from the person the stone goes to. Personal experiences and character traits can be displayed on the stone. It can be a place or a special design. So....there you go.. My love for the sea is INCURABLE as well as inspiring. Hope you will enjoy my next posts. The journey begins! Join Mary on a Journey..

SEE ya....

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